'The Influence of Sport' - Sketches and Skengs

Whether it be an occupation, a daily routine through to a source of entertainment, sport can impact various walks of life. 
As a Sportswear brand, our influences and inspiration are drawn from many angles.

The purpose of this interview series is to find out how sport can impact and influence individuals from different realms creatively.

Sketches and Skengs aka Jack Devereux is a Melbourne based artist with a unique skill and a love for sport.
Admired for his incredible one line art pieces, Jack has the ability to create beautiful art with a with a flow of one line - which he will generally form through a freestyle motion.
It's not only one line pieces Jack demonstrates crazy skill, his artistic ability goes much deeper, you check out his work on IG @sketches_and_skengs.

We decided to interview Jack because we know how much he loves sport, in particular football (soccer).
He's a devoted Liverpool supporter and has had some great opportunities to work with some very recognisable sporting figures with his art.
We took the opportunity to ask Jack a few questions on what sport means to him, how it inspires/influences his creative flair - plus more...


You're a problem with a sketch pad and a pencil, in which sport is Sketches and Skengs a problem for an opposing team?

I certainly wouldn't say i'm a problem in any sport, but my first love was football (soccer).
If you're looking for a guy to bang in a sweaty goal in div.4 Futsal, then i'm your guy!

Assist or score? And Why?

Although I would prefer to say assist because playmakers are my favourite footballers, I have to say i'm more of a scorer.
Through my recreational career as a footballer, i've always found myself high up in the park.
What I lack in general fitness, I attempt to make up for in ability to read the game and positional play.

What role does sport play in your daily routine?

Fitness in general plays a big part in my mornings.
I feel lethargic and unmotivated if I don't get the blood pumping; i've recently found a love for running and a morning run gets shit moving for me and has kept me motivated during this Melbourne lockdown.
I find i'm in a much better place to make creative decisions and stay focused if i've got the ole' meat wagon moving.

The other way sport plays a big role in my routine is that it fucks up my sleeping patterns. 
There's nothing like a 3am Liverpool game to spike up my adrenaline and piss off my partner!

So we've established you're a Liverpool man, how did it feel to see Liverpool win the League for the first time in your life?

We've had more than our fair share of great moments over the past few years, but this trophy was the sweetest for mine.
As i've mentioned, i've been watching Liverpool religiously for a while now and to see the grafter himself, Hendo (Jordan Henderson) lift that bloody trophy took me back to a 11 year old boy watching Steven Gerrard bang in a screamer in the FA Cup final.
Unfortunately we were in lockdown at the time Liverpool claimed the league, so I couldn't celebrate with fellow tragics.  

You've previously linked up with Daniel Sturridge to create a custom pair of AF1's. How was that initiated and what was he like to work with?

That was just initiated by the power of sliding into his DM's.
I've never been afraid of putting ideas forward to people that I admire, and once in a blue moon someone will respond.
Look, fair play to the guy for giving me a chance to create something for him - he seemed nice enough and it was a very exciting project for me.

Sport Interview 

What was the inspiration behind the design?

I just wanted to create something personal for him.
I included many details from his iconic dance celebration to his Jamaican heritage and kit number.
I chose to freestyle this work so I can't say I planned it out too much, but I wanted the shoe to still be recognisable as single line work, so there's plenty of faces in there.

Have there been any more collaborations in the past or anything upcoming with athletes that you can tell us about?

I don't think so, not for my lack of trying though.
I've had a few athletes show love.
Michael Boxall has supported and copped a few things previously.
James Harden was spotted with a collaboration hoodie I did with my homies in Utah, a clothing label called Okito, but I think that's it.


How do you draw inspiration from sport into creating art?

The parallel I can think of is the mindset.
It's not easy to create a living from art, but discipline and an athletes mentality and approach to 'training' everyday to get better is something I admire and try to emulate with my art.

I've always been attracted to players with flair, the players that are calm on the ball and have time to make the correct decision.
Although with the ball at my feet i'm closer to a Newcastle Joelinton, my single line art is a performance piece - a real time freestyle dance with paint.
I can admire and be inspired by players that seemingly flow on a football pitch, the likes of Ronoldinho, Jay Jay Okocha, Messi, Neymar, Brazilian Ronaldo, Portuguese Ronaldo and Charlie Adam.

We loved your single line piece of Israel Adesanya, are more single line artworks of athletes something we will see more of?

The pride of New Zealand! What a guy he is!
More work similar I wouldn't rule out, but it's not where my heads at currently.
I'm taking time in this lockdown to experiment with other styles and see where they take me...


Any sporting reads/doco recommendations?

Here's an assist to a great sporting game to brighten up anyone's day:
watch here

I also enjoyed and recommend:

  • The Damned United
  • The Last Dance
  • Facing Ali
Lastly,  any athlete past or present to work with, who would it be & what project would you love to work on?

Russell Westbrook.
I'd love to create a clothing brand with him called ' Why Not', because well... you get it.
He's an out there dude in regards to style and I think we could have fun creating some wild shit.
Stevie G is up there too! 
Wouldn't mind creating a new Adidas Predator boot with him. 

Sport Interview

Sketches and Skengs Playlist

We were lucky enough to have Jack put together a playlist for us along side the interview!

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