Life After Football - Jasper Pittard

Jasper Pittard is an ex AFL footballer with a career spanning across 157 games with two clubs - Port Adelaide and North Melbourne.

 Jasper Pittard - R.SPORT

Professional sport careers can end abruptly and in a lot of instances the conclusion is out of an athlete's control. Whether it be from injury or an external decision, the abrupt conclusion can leave a lot of uncertainty in the next career phase. Jasper was fortunate enough to discover multiple career avenues and passions during his playing days and is now implementing them into his life after football. 

We had a chat with Jasper about what he's pursuing off the pitch, listen to the chat below!

R.SPORT Conversations with Jasper Pittard. 

Jasper's Bag DesignJasper's Bag Design

Above: Some of Jasper's creative work off the pitch.

A big thank you to Jasper for his time. You can check out his design endeavours on IG @woat91 and we're looking forward to seeing him continue his positive moves in climate change education with the AFLPA. 

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  • Peter

    Jasper. Inspirational guy. Very impressed with your role in environmental education with the afl and wafl. Also used to love the way you played footy. All the very best with your studies and design work. Cheers

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